A downloadable game for Windows

Your pregnant wife is craving some food. Gather some to make her happy!

  • Fight wild boars!
  • Gather food!

This game was made for Indie World Order's  #CaveJam

Music used "Whimsy Groove" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Sound FX made using SFB Games ChipTone


Cave Cravings Game 11 MB


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Pretty awesome game! I loved it! Good luck on the game jam!

Thanks :) Glad you enjoed it


A nice platformer, liked the premise, the visuals... Good work in the jam. :)


Thanks for playing and feedback :) I watched your gameplay. You talked about more levels in the video but i have no plans for this game in future unfortunately as i focus on my main project..


What is your main project? Can you share any info? :)

My main project  "Guardians & Golems" is an RPG with element based combat. Right now i'm only posting about it in my twitter @brtvcl. You can check there if interested :)


Oh, cool, following you on Twitter now. Thanks for the link. :)